Summer Trends in Women's Golf Apparel
As summer heats up, it becomes even more important to stay as comfortable as you are fashionable on the course. Choosing fabrics with superior moisture wicking technology and UPF 50+ sun protection, like Tail apparel offers, will keep you comfortable and protected from the elements. Mix and match our five favorite summer trends to build a golf wardrobe that will have you perfectly outfitted for the hottest months of the year.
What to Wear When Playing Tennis
If you’re new to the game, the world of tennis apparel can seem overwhelming. There are so many choices - brands, styles, price points, the list goes on. While it all comes down to personal preference, there are a few basic guidelines for choosing women’s athletic apparel that will not only look good, but also allow you to perform your best on the court. (0)
Top 10 Tennis Bag Essentials
There’s nothing worse than getting to the court and realizing that you forgot something at home. Throw these ten items in your tennis bag and you’ll be prepared for whatever your next match throws at you. An Extra Racquet: Bringing an extra racquet or two ensures that broken strings or a cracked racquet will not stand between you and a great day on the court. A Water Bottle: Proper hydration can prepare you for optimal performance both on and of [...]
Five to Buy for Spring: Golf and Tennis Apparel
Warm weather is just around the corner, and we’re so excited for longer days, more sunlight, and time to play our favorite sports! The new season means it’s time to freshen up your spring golf or tennis wardrobe with wear-right-now styles that will help you tackle unpredictable weather, rainy days, and cool mornings and evenings. Here are our top five picks for breathing new life into your active apparel for spring. A Lightweight Jac [...]
Meet the Tail Team: Five Questions with Brand Ambassador Nicole Weller
Tail Brand Ambassador Nicole Weller is truly a "jack of all trades" in the world of golf, and we are honored to have her on the Tail Team! Nicole is the Head Teaching Professional at The Landings Club in beautiful Savannah, GA and plans all golf instruction and education programs for the membership there. Her background and education in youth golf, sport psychology, golf fitness, and competition have allowed Nicole to provide an all-encompassing program for thousands of students. Her goals are simple - Nicole strives to meet her students' needs, involve them in the learning process, encourage transfer tr [...]
Five Essentials to Bring to Yoga Class
Yoga really doesn’t require much – adequate space, a mat, comfortable clothing – and you’re good to go! But, there are some essentials that can make your time in the yoga studio easier, more comfortable, and ultimately more stress-free. And isn’t that what we’re all looking for at yoga? These items are actually so useful and universal, that we would call them essential. Don’t leave home without them!
How to Choose the Best Yoga Apparel
The right yoga gear can make or break your chaturanga dandasana. If your yoga pants are too restrictive, they limit your movement, not allowing your muscles to fully stretch and expand into each posture. Too loose, and they’ll bunch in your twisting poses. The right kind of gear is also very dependent on the type of yoga you practice – ashtanga, vinyasa, Bikram, gentle, or heated. These styles of yoga are as different as flag football and the NFL. Following these tips will help you find your center comfortably and stylishly on the mat.   (0)
Trendy Tennis Wardrobe Essentials
“When you look good, you feel good. Confidence with what you're wearing is very important. If you feel good, you will always perform your best without worrying about anything.” -Maria Sharapova We couldn’t agree more! Performing your best on the tennis court starts with feeling comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing. Mix and match these five trendy tennis apparel essentials to put together the perfect outfit to ensure you show up and play your best. (0)
Meet the Tail Team: Five Questions with Brand Ambassador Tiffany Faucette
If you don’t already know Tail Brand Ambassador Tiffany Faucette, you are in for a treat! Tiffany is a certified LPGA instructor and the Golf Academy Lead Instructor at the 1757 Golf Club in Dulles, VA. She was awarded the honor of the LPGA Northeast Section Teacher of the Year in 2014. Tiffany is kicking off 2017 by releasing her first book, Fighting Golf™, which teaches you to Flow with Force & Fly!™ during your golf swing by relating everyday movements to the motion of your swing. We sat down with Tiffany to talk about how she transitioned from competing to teaching, why s [...]
How to Choose the Best Golf Pants
When it comes to golf attire, choosing golf pants has its own unique set of considerations. Few sports are more fashion-conscious than golf. The nature of the sport lends itself to be more stylish than say, soccer or basketball, since you are not aggressively running or jumping. However, your golf apparel still needs to perform. Following a few guidelines will put you on the right track to hit a hole-in-one with your get-up on the green. Dr [...]