Balancing family, work, and personal time is increasingly challenging. The quality of time spent increases enjoyment and balance. Tail is committed to improving the quality of time you spend playing and working out and this commitment is embodied in our fashion, fit, and fabrics. Our mission is your enjoyment.

Tail "Comfort"

Buy Tail for fashion, wear it for comfort. At Tail, our goal is to design clothes that you enjoy wearing on and off the court or course. While Tail designs classic and contemporary styles, Tail’s fashion is timeless. Comfort begins with great fit and exceptional fabrics, yet is only fully realized through styling that you are comfortable wearing.

Comfort begins with a great fit. Over the years Tail has earned a reputation for great fitting clothes. Tail uses ‘fit blocks’ to assure consistency in fit, regardless of design and fabrics.

While we maintain consistency in our classic fit, we will tweak waist position, hem lines, and silhouettes as fashion trends ebb and flow. Tail’s “Modern Fit” is a contemporary silhouette with a slightly lower waist and slimmer profile, yet is as tasteful as it is comfortable. Choose styling that you are comfortable wearing, classic or modern, and you will love the fit and comfort.

Tail works with leading mills to design fabrics that feel great, allow you to move freely, and perform superbly. Knit fabrics perform great and are also easy to care for and are used extensively throughout active and lifestyle collections. Tail selects woven fabrics that are light, unrestrictive, dressy, easy care, and a joy to wear all day.

Polyester fibers do not absorb moisture, which is a good thing; instead, moisture moves in the space between fibers from your skin to the fabric surface where it quickly evaporates, leaving you dry and cool. Tail selects fibers, yarns, fabric weight, and density to optimize comfort and performance.

Comfortable doesn’t have to be boring. Tail brings distinctive design details and contemporary fashion that is refined and sporty. Prints and colors are popular, contemporary, and very wearable. Some designer inspired prints and color combinations are edgy and exciting, but not overpowering.

Silhouettes range from classical to contemporary and styling incorporates design details, trims, and prints that make them distinctive and fun to wear. Choose the styling you like from Tail’s line and you will truly be comfortable.