Four Considerations When Purchasing Golf Shoes

For a long time, women golfers had limited options when it came to outfitting themselves for the course; women’s golf apparel was styled similarly to men’s apparel and just offered in smaller sizes. Luckily for us, women’s golf apparel has become a lot more fashion-forward and stylish, and that includes every woman’s favorite accessory – shoes!

Experts agree that the game of golf starts with the feet. Jack Nicklaus once said, “All timing distance, and direction comes out of the lower body with the feet leading the way.” That means it’s incredibly important to make sure that your golf shoes not only look good, but fit correctly and are comfortable enough to take you through round after round. When choosing your next pair of golf shoes, be sure to consider the following four areas before making your purchase.


Fashionable Women's Golf Apparel and Shoes


When it comes to selecting a pair of golf shoes, comfort trumps all. Most golfers will spend four to six hours on the course each time they play a round, and there is nothing worse than spending those long hours on your feet in discomfort. The best way to make sure your golf shoes are comfortable is to ensure they fit correctly. When you go to try on golf shoes, don’t be embarrassed to spend a significant amount of time wearing each shoe to assess their comfort, up to five minutes or more per pair. Be sure to also wear the same thickness of socks you plan to wear while playing when trying on shoes.

Material and Style

There are numerous styles of golf shoes out there, from sporty, athletic styles to traditional leather shoes with a classic look. When deciding on a golf shoe, you should think about the rest of your golf wardrobe and consider what style suits you best. We think this is a great excuse to invest in multiple pairs of golf shoes to go with all of your favorite outfits! Also consider the material that the shoes are made out of; leather is heavier than other synthetic options but is also waterproof.


Golf shoes are available in spiked and spikeless options. Depending on what conditions you expect to play in, you may want to look into a spiked shoe. Shoes with metal or plastic spikes provide more traction in wet weather or on hilly courses. Shoes without spikes tend to be more versatile and can be worn way beyond your next round.

Sizing and Contours

While men’s golf shoes tend to look bulky, women’s shoes are more sleek and narrow. In order to get the look you prefer, you may want to wear your favorite pair of women’s golf bottoms when you go shoe shopping, like our Mulligans or one of our other popular Golf Essential bottoms, to see what the shoes look like with your favorite pants, shorts, or skort.


We all want to look stylish on the golf course, and that goes for our shoes as well! Be sure to balance the style you want with the correct fit and you’ll be sure to score a fashion hole-in-one with your apparel from head to toe.

5 Tips for Buying Athletic Apparel

With so many options out there, it can be hard to know how to select the best athletic apparel. Here are our top five tips for making sure you’re investing in quality pieces you’ll feel great wearing.

Four Stylish Athletic Apparel Looks for Women

  1. To keep cool and dry,

    invest in athletic apparel that has moisture management capabilities, which will significantly improve your comfort when playing your favorite sport. Some fabrics like cotton, rayon, and nylon keep moisture trapped against the body; this can affect your body’s ability to regulate its core temperature. These fabrics soak up water and become heavy and stretch out due to the weight of the water.

    Good moisture management fabrics move moisture from the skin, into and through air spaces between the poly fibers and to the surface of the garment where evaporation is the fastest.  Tail Activewear apparel has the best moisture management fabrics in the industry. Tail works closely with yarn and fabric mills to carefully select combinations of poly filaments, fibers, and yarns to produce top performing moisture moving fabrics.
  2. For comfort,

    choose athletic apparel and athleisure garments that have a small percentage of spandex in them. This allows for freedom of movement and a greater range of motion during exercise which is especially important in golf, tennis, and yoga.
  3. To stay protected from the sun’s harmful rays,

    look for apparel with UPF technology. For many, one of the most enjoyable aspects of playing tennis, golf, or other outdoor sports is being able to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine; however, if you’re not properly protected from ultraviolet radiation, sun exposure can lead to sunburn, prematurely aging skin, and even skin cancer.  Most of the fabrics used by Tail Activewear are rated UPF 50 and block approximately 98% of harmful UVA and UVB rays.

    Within each collection, Tail offers tops with a range of coverage options for those who prefer more coverage on their back or shoulders, while still maintaining a focus on fashion forward, stylish designs. If you fall in love with the design of a certain racerback or sleeveless tank but desire more coverage, incorporating the Sasha top into your ensemble is the perfect solution. The Sasha is a crop top designed to be worn as a layering piece. You can wear it underneath a tank or throw it on top for sun protection that won’t quit. In addition to the coverage it provides, the Sasha has excellent moisture management capabilities so many athletes report feeling cooler wearing it than having nothing on their arms at all.
  4. To perform your best,

    make sure you love how you look and feel! When it comes to athletic performance and fitness, you can “dress for success.”  When you wear athletic apparel that you feel confident in, you can experience something called “enclothed cognition,” which refers to a psychological change you experience when you wear certain clothes. The Journal of Experimental Social Psychology reports that one study suggests clothing influences behavior and attitude because it carries a symbolic meaning; therefore, wearing new fitness gear can help you mentally prepare for the task at hand and actually help you perform better as a result. The confidence you get from wearing apparel that is fashionable and reflects your sense of style can make you feel more confident in your athletic abilities, which can lead to improved focus and motivation.
  5. For faster recovery,

    compression clothing can offer multiple benefits to active women. Compression clothes are generally tight in the extremities, and by applying pressure to particular areas of the body, they provide more force to help circulate blood back to your heart. Increased blood flow helps to deliver more oxygen and nutrients to the muscles, allowing you to train harder and longer. Lactic acid can cause soreness, cramping, and fatigue after exercising. Compression clothing can help reduce the amount of lactic acid that develops in your muscles during exercise, allowing for faster recovery after an intense workout. Compression clothing can also provide extra support to muscles and help stabilize joints which can help prevent some injuries.

Use this new knowledge to select pieces you love that will help you perform your best on the court, course, and beyond!

How to Ace Your US Open Tennis Party

Tennis, anyone? All eyes are on New York this week for the beginning of the US Open, and we think the best way to celebrate is by throwing a watch party for your favorite tennis fans! Pick a day with the most-anticipated matches based on your guest list, send out invitations (whether paper or digital), and then follow our tips below to ace your get-together for The Open.

Fashionable Looks for Your US Open Party


Setting the stage for your US Open party with tennis-themed decorations doesn’t have to be expensive!  Green vinyl tablecloths with white masking tape easily mimic a tennis court and become the foundation for your tablescapes. For centerpieces, put tennis balls into a clear glass or acrylic vase, and use the empty tennis ball containers to hold yellow and green flowers and greenery. Tennis balls can also be cut in half to hold tealight candles or place cards.


Be sure to have enough food so that your guests don’t go hungry for the duration of the matches you’ve chosen to watch. Depending on the time of day, you may choose to serve only heavy appetizers or a full meal. Either way, finger foods are always good for grazing. Stock up on chips, dips, veggies, and other hors d'oeuvres that can be left out for guests to help themselves. For an easy themed dessert, top vanilla cupcakes with a combination of yellow and green icing, then pipe on white icing to mimic a tennis ball. If you’re not a cupcake fan, try the same technique on sugar cookies!


One way to really get in the spirit of The Open is to host a costume contest at your watch party. Ask guests to dress as their favorite tennis player, and then vote on favorites, awarding a small prize to the winner. Alternately, you could also encourage guests to wear tennis apparel. Since The Open doesn’t have the same traditional all-white tennis tops and bottoms as Wimbledon, guests may want to wear their favorite colorful tennis tops – short sleeve or tanks – and tennis skorts! Women’s tennis apparel has become so fashionable and cutting edge in the past few years, and many fashionable ladies are looking for any excuse to wear their favorite outfits beyond the court. Setting a “dress code” also makes for fantastic photo ops!

Viewing Area

While socializing, eating, and drinking are all important aspects of your US Open party, the most important thing is that guests can actually watch and hear the matches! Set up a big screen TV or use a projector and an open wall to display all the action. Also, be sure to provide enough seating in the viewing area for the number of guests you expect to attend.

For even more ideas on throwing a party for The Open or any other tennis event, visit our Pinterest board. With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to throwing a memorable viewing party for the US Open. Have a ball!

Summer Trends in Women's Golf Apparel

As summer heats up, it becomes even more important to stay as comfortable as you are fashionable on the course. Choosing fabrics with superior moisture wicking technology and UPF 50+ sun protection, like Tail apparel offers, will keep you comfortable and protected from the elements. Mix and match our five favorite summer trends to build a golf wardrobe that will have you perfectly outfitted for the hottest months of the year.

Trendy Women's Golf Apparel for Summer


  1. A Sleeveless Top with Stylish Design Details
    Sleeveless tops are a no-brainer for the summertime and the best way we know to keep cool on the course, other than staying in the shade! Women’s golf shirts are more fashionable than ever, so look for stylish design details that stand out like piping, color blocking, and mesh accents.

  2. A Short or Cap Sleeve Top in a Show-Stopping Print
    If you prefer keeping your arms covered, a short or cap sleeve top can keep you just as cool, as long as the fabric has moisture management technology to draw sweat away from the body. We love donning a short sleeve top in a bold print to make a statement. All of Tail’s signature prints are designed in-house, so you’ll have a unique look in addition to staying comfortable.

  3. A Comfortable Pull-On Skort
    The skort is a feminine silhouette that will also keep you cool and comfortable - perfect for a warm, breezy day of golf! Our built-in shorties ensure you’re covered, but won’t cause you to overheat - regardless how hot the middle of the day gets. The pull-on skort is our favorite no-fuss style for the summer months.

  4. Fashionable Shorts That Stand Out
    If skorts aren’t your style, you’re in luck! Women’s golf shorts have gotten much more flattering and fashionable in the past few years. While the golf apparel industry has often subscribed to the “shrink it and pink it” method for adapting men’s apparel for women, the latest silhouettes are designed exclusively to flatter the female body while moving with you seamlessly on the course.

  5. The Sasha Top Keeps You Protected
    The Sasha UPF 50+ layering long-sleeve is the perfect piece to top off your summer golf wardrobe. Made to layer, this sun protection crop top can be worn underneath your favorite shirt; the cropped length will keep you cool, and the lightweight UPF 50+ fabric will protect you from the damaging rays of the sun.

Four Fashionable Looks for Golf


Follow our formula of the summer’s hottest trends in women’s golf apparel, and you’ll be sure to make a fashionable statement while staying cool and comfortable during your next round.

What to Wear When Playing Tennis

If you’re new to the game, the world of tennis apparel can seem overwhelming. There are so many choices - brands, styles, price points, the list goes on. While it all comes down to personal preference, there are a few basic guidelines for choosing women’s athletic apparel that will not only look good, but also allow you to perform your best on the court.

Tennis Fashion That's Functional


Whether you choose a sleeveless tank or a short sleeve top will come down to what you’re most comfortable wearing. The majority of players prefer tank tops, but it is not a hard and fast rule. The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing tennis tops is that you need to be able to move freely in them! Anything that is going to impede your motion when you’re swinging is not going to work well. You also want to be sure you choose a Polyester/Spandex fabric that has moisture wicking technology and UPF sun protection so you are cool, comfortable, and protected from the sun while you’re playing outdoors.

Skorts or Shorts

The majority of women tennis players choose to wear skorts while playing; built-in shorties allow you maintain a full range of motion while still enjoying a feminine silhouette. Look for shorties that have ball pockets to eliminate the need to store balls underneath! Women’s tennis skorts have come a long way in the past few years, and you’ll have an array of styles with flirty details, like pleats and ruffles, to choose from. If a skort doesn’t appeal to you, many styles of athletic shorts will also work for tennis.


Our favorite way to look put together on the tennis court is a stylish dress! Tennis dresses make getting ready for your next practice or match a no-brainer - just throw it on and go! Don’t forget to grab a pair of shorties with ball pockets, like the Antonia, to make sure you’re covered and comfortable.


For the cooler months, a tennis jacket or set of warm-ups will be crucial to keeping your muscles warm - which is important to preventing injury and ensuring you can continue to play the game for years to come. Jackets with a brushed lining will go a long way in keeping the chill away.

Tennis Shoes

Arguably the most important choice you’ll make when you start to play tennis, apart from your racquet, is what shoes to wear. Make sure to get a pair of shoes specifically made for playing tennis, rather than running, walking, or cross-training. Your shoes should also fit perfectly to eliminate rubbing and blisters when you are changing directions or moving explosively on the court.  


Choosing to learn the game of tennis is both exciting and overwhelming! Between hitting the court for practice and studying the rules, you’ll have to make sure you’re perfectly outfitted to play your best. Most of all, make sure that the tennis apparel you choose is comfortable, allows you to move well, and is made from high-quality fabrics that block the sun’s harmful rays and wick moisture away from your skin - and it’s even better if your apparel can be machine washed and dried to ensure longevity. Following these guidelines will set you up for success and allow you to fall in love with the game for years to come.

Top 10 Tennis Bag Essentials

There’s nothing worse than getting to the court and realizing that you forgot something at home. Throw these ten items in your tennis bag and you’ll be prepared for whatever your next match throws at you.

Tennis Bag With Essentials For The Court

  1. An Extra Racquet: Bringing an extra racquet or two ensures that broken strings or a cracked racquet will not stand between you and a great day on the court.

  2. A Water Bottle: Proper hydration can prepare you for optimal performance both on and off the court. When properly hydrated, you will be positioned for an increased level of physical stamina and mental focus. The Tail Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle is a tennis-pro favorite because it keeps contents cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours.

  3. Spare Tank or Top: Having an extra tennis top in your bag can keep you comfortable and looking stylish if you want to refresh your outfit during an intense game or after a match.

  4. Tennis Jacket: Whether you are keeping your muscles warm before a match to avoid being more susceptible to injury or just trying to keep warm after a match, a Tail tennis jacket will have you looking and feeling like a tennis fashion icon. Especially if you’re wearing a tennis dress, a jacket is a great addition to make sure you’re not cold on the court.

  5. Sunscreen: It’s beyond important to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays while playing tennis. Neutrogena Wet Skin Spray SPF 30 is a great option for athletes because it provides broad-spectrum coverage and is specially formulated to work on wet or dry skin. Spray sunscreen is ideal because, unlike traditional sunscreen, it will not leave your hands oily, which could affect your grip. 

  6. Sunglasses: Sun exposure from playing tennis outdoors consistently can put you at risk for vision problems.  Oakley’s She’s Unstoppable Sunglasses are ideal for tennis with their lightweight frame and polarized lenses.

  7. Hats/Visors: Another great way to keep the sun out of your eyes to wear a lightweight hat or visor. Tail Activewear offers an incredibly chic option with the Embellished Rhinestone Visor that comes in both black and white to best coordinate with all of your favorite outfits.

  8. Tennis Balls: Keeping extra tennis balls in your bag is one way to be a good hitting partner and they will definitely be useful if you have the chance to warm up before a tournament.

  9. Extra Grips or Overgrips: Often preparation is the key to success, and keeping extra grips in your bag can set you up for a win. When you lose confidence in your hold, it’s time to swap out those worn out or dirty grips to keep you at the top of your game.

  10. First Aid Essentials: Injuries happen to the best of us. With some anti-septic cream, ibuprofen, and athletic tape in your bag you can treat the most common minor injuries. Having an ankle brace on hand can also be helpful if you roll an ankle.

Once you have gathered these essentials you will need a fabulous bag to put them in. Functionality meets style and sophistication with the Chrissie Tote by Tail. This gorgeous bag is extremely spacious and has specialized internal storage including a pocket to protect your racquets and an insulated pocket to keep your water bottles chilled.

This list of items every woman should keep in her tennis bag is a great way to make sure you’re ready for whatever the day brings!

Five to Buy for Spring: Golf and Tennis Apparel

Warm weather is just around the corner, and we’re so excited for longer days, more sunlight, and time to play our favorite sports! The new season means it’s time to freshen up your spring golf or tennis wardrobe with wear-right-now styles that will help you tackle unpredictable weather, rainy days, and cool mornings and evenings. Here are our top five picks for breathing new life into your active apparel for spring.

Spring Golf and Tennis Looks

  1. A Lightweight Jacket
    The perfect layer to throw on and go! A lightweight tennis jacket, like the Leilani, will be your wardrobe’s MVP for spring. This effortless layer is easy to throw in your tennis bag, tie around your waist while you walk the course, or keep in your car for when the weather turns cool.

  2. A Long Sleeve Layer
    A long sleeve golf pullover with or without a zipper or a long sleeve tennis top is another great layer to have for spring. Many of our pullovers coordinate with outfits from our fashion collections, meaning you don’t have to sacrifice fashion for warmth! Once the sun comes out, you can remove a layer and look as stylish as you left the house.

  3. A Quilted Vest
    We love vests, not only because they add a bit of fashionable flair to an outfit, but also because they do keep your body warmer! Having an extra layer of insulation around your core helps your body to hold on to heat; a vest can provide the perfect amount of protection from the elements on a cool spring day. A vest with a nylon ripstop fabric, like the Lee Vest, will also help block the wind.

  4. The UPF 50 Sasha Top
    Sunny days call for extra sun protection, which is where our Sasha Top comes in! This long sleeve crop top is made to layer; throw it on underneath a short sleeve or sleeveless top, or even wear it over a dress, and you’re good to go with UPF 50 sun protection that won’t quit. The Sasha is lightweight, comfortable, and has mesh inserts under the arms to keep you cool and comfortable. The UPF is inherent to the fabric, so it won’t wash off or wear off.

  5. A Pair of Leggings
    Leggings are our favorite “go anywhere” bottom for pretty much any season, but we certainly get a lot of use out of them during the springtime! Long leggings are perfect for unexpected cold days; you can even put them on underneath a tennis skort if you’re caught without a warm layer to make your own “skegging”! We also love capri leggings for heading to the gym or running errands around town.

These five pieces will take your winter wardrobe effortlessly into spring so that you can hit the course or court in style!

Meet the Tail Team: Five Questions with Brand Ambassador Nicole Weller

Tail Brand Ambassador Nicole Weller is truly a "jack of all trades" in the world of golf, and we are honored to have her on the Tail Team! Nicole is the Head Teaching Professional at The Landings Club in beautiful Savannah, GA and plans all golf instruction and education programs for the membership there. Her background and education in youth golf, sport psychology, golf fitness, and competition have allowed Nicole to provide an all-encompassing program for thousands of students. Her goals are simple - Nicole strives to meet her students' needs, involve them in the learning process, encourage transfer training methods, provide feedback resources, and assist in making golf an anticipated and fun experience in their lives! We sat down with Nicole to talk about how to foster a love of golf in even the youngest players, her #1 tip for a beginner golfer, and why having fun should always come first.

Brand Ambassador Nicole Weller With Student

1. Tell us about what your job consists of at the Landings and what you enjoy most about it.
I head up the golf instruction and education programs for our 3,000+ memberships at The Landings Club on Skidaway Island.  I instruct but also create programs for members and staff, support our super cool golf organizations (LWGA, L9GA, LMGA), do a lot of behind-the-scenes marketing / office work / planning that most don't know about.  I like to be organized and planned, so that's how I function to create, host, and evaluate what we could add or what might leave our instructional programming.  I have a master's of science in Sport Psychology, am certified in Spirit of Golf, and love working with Vision54 concepts I learned from Annika Sorenstam's coaches Pia Nilsson and Lynn Marriott, so my passion isn't as much pure technique and high-tech detail but the mental and emotional basis behind how to become a better Practicer, how the mental and emotional aspect affects each shot before a physical motion is even made, and how to reach ones possibilities beyond just technique, which is only a small part of the entire equation.
2. What would be your #1 tip for a beginner golfer?

I suggest checking out a local PGA Get Golf Ready type program, and also starting with the small shots and working one's way up to the longer shots.  The big swing is based on fundamentals of the small swing.  It's like laying the foundation at a basement and building upon it.  Putting first (letter 'Y'), chipping ('y'), pitching (L's and y's) and long swing (L's).  Keep it fun and remember that skills take time to develop.  Use fun training tools and easy challenges, and remember it's a game of Moments.  You can have some extremely fun adventures through Golf!  The way the game is being learned today is changing... shorter teeing starts, bigger clubs, less clubs, bigger holes, It's OK for Now guidelines that allow one to bypass competitive rules until a basis is established... it's about FUN first, getting hooked, and then developing the game as much as one would like!
3. How can parents help foster a love of the game of golf in their kids? What is some advice you would give to parents who want their children to play? What are some things they should they not do?

Parents and coaches should provide unconditional support in the best interest of the child.  Understandably born out of the best intentions, we see over-coaching and constant feedback that doesn't allow a child to explore and try different things, which also creates a fear of making mistakes.  Mistakes are how we learn, and I encourage mistakes in a safe setting for learning.  Keep a child safe (physically, mentally and emotionally) and allow them to learn and do it 'kid-style' instead of adult-style. If children are just told how to do it from one perspective and don't learn to think or create on their own because of fear of failure or doing something 'wrong', the creative inspiration inside them is squashed.  Society has become very results-driven (if a parent pays, results are expected to show and that puts a lot of pressure on the child). Focus on the process for very young children.  Some great resources are Positive Coaching Alliance and a neat book called Daddy Caddy on the Bag.  US Kids Golf also has a neat parent seminar.

4. Why did you decide to partner with Tail as a Brand Ambassador? 

Per a reference from another sport industry colleague, I was introduced to a Tail Activewear opportunity; once I tried on several outfits and saw some ideas for the future, I was hooked!  The fact that Tail has a local office [in Savannah] and they are like one big family makes it even better for me.  I just love the overall Tail experience.  It's so nice to have clothes on that seem like they are made just for me. Picking out my next day's outfit is fun and so easy now!
5. How does Tail apparel make a difference for you on the course?
It's just so fitting and easy to wear.  I am sun-protective conscious and their UPF 50 fabrics help keep me even more protected.  I love the colors and especially the fit of my bottoms...I wear out my Mulligan capris and ankle pants!  No more buttons, zippers and snaps for me... just pull-on and good to go!

Thank you so much to Nicole for sitting down with us and catching us up on all she is doing in the golf industry! If you'd like to keep up with Nicole, check out her website here and follow her on Twitter at @Stick2Sports. Also be sure to check out her book, Stick To Sports: Let's Play Golf, and her memory game, which are perfect for teaching children to love the game of golf!

Five Essentials to Bring to Yoga Class

Yoga really doesn’t require much – adequate space, a mat, comfortable clothing – and you’re good to go! But, there are some essentials that can make your time in the yoga studio easier, more comfortable, and ultimately more stress-free. And isn’t that what we’re all looking for at yoga? These items are actually so useful and universal, that we would call them essential. Don’t leave home without them!

Fashionable Looks for Yoga Class

  1. Yoga mat

    This might be an obvious one. I mean …you certainly COULD do yoga without a mat. But the mat does so much to cushion your bones against the floor. They are so thin, it’s surprising, but they really are a requirement for a great class. You can find yoga mats in all sizes and colors – extra-long, patterned, solids, extra-cushy – whatever works for you.

  2. Water bottle

    In some yoga practices, they encourage you NOT to drink water (ahem, BIKRAM, ahem). If you’ve ever been to a Bikram class, you know, this is pure insanity. The rationale is that you should ALREADY be hydrated enough to get through a 115 degree class without water. Even if you follow that edict religiously, you’ll still want a bottle of water at your side for when class ends. After sweating buckets for 90 minutes, rehydration is key. In other heated or non-heated classes, it’s just really nice to take a drink of ice cold H20 every once in a while.

  3. Towel

    Especially for hot yoga classes, you’ll need a towel. But even in regular yoga classes, it’s nice to wipe that sweat off of your brow before it drips into your eyes (or up your nose …you know this has happened to you in downward dog, don’t lie to yourself). The towel serves multiple purposes – sweat rag, slip-proofing your mat, pillow or eye cover for savasana – so many uses, it is the real workhorse of the yoga studio (other than you, of course).

  4. Comfortable clothing

    The most important thing about what you wear is being able to move in your yoga apparel. The materials should be performance fabrications that wick moisture away from the body and keep you as dry and comfortable as possible. For heated classes, you may want to don a sports bra and shorties to make sure you don’t overheat. For other classes, we typically wear leggings and a comfortable tank top.

  5. Acceptance and curiosity

    These may be the most important essential to bring with you to yoga class. Stepping on to the mat, remember that yoga is not about touching your toes, but what you learn on the way down there.

Yoga can be practiced anywhere with the most minimal of gear. But, these five essentials are really critical to make your yoga class as enjoyable, stress-free, comfortable, and healthy as possible. Namaste, yogis.

How to Choose the Best Yoga Apparel

The right yoga gear can make or break your chaturanga dandasana. If your yoga pants are too restrictive, they limit your movement, not allowing your muscles to fully stretch and expand into each posture. Too loose, and they’ll bunch in your twisting poses. The right kind of gear is also very dependent on the type of yoga you practice – ashtanga, vinyasa, Bikram, gentle, or heated. These styles of yoga are as different as flag football and the NFL. Following these tips will help you find your center comfortably and stylishly on the mat.

 Woman Doing Yoga Poses


Restorative Yoga

Comfort is key in this type of yoga. The practice is meant to completely relax and bliss you out, so choose loose-fitting leggings , tops, and sports bras for a session of restorative yoga. You also might want a light pullover or jacket and socks for your savasana. There is nothing worse than trying to relax when all you can think about are your cold feet.

Heated Yoga

Depending on the type of heated yoga you practice – Bikram or heated vinyasa – you’ll want to dress appropriately. Shorties and a sports bra are the perfect combo for Bikram, which is the hottest yoga style and practiced at a scorching 115 degrees. For heated classes in the 90 – 100 degree range, capris or leggings are fine as long as they are made from a performance fabric designed to wick away sweat. For these slightly heated classes, you have a little more flexibility based on your personal preferences. Make sure to bring a towel with you and consider investing in a fabric towel for your mat so you aren’t slipping and sliding.

Non-Heated Yoga

For any non-heated yoga, you don’t have to worry as much about sweat (although, if you’ve ever been through a serious ashtanga class, you know that’s not always the case.) Comfort, fit, and quality are the most important factors to consider. Make sure to think about seams and waistbands and select the style that fits you best. Make sure your yoga bottoms don’t pinch or gap at the waist. And remember, even if you can get away with cotton, performance material is never a bad choice.

Studio to Street

Here’s a not-so-secret secret – you actually never have to take your yoga pants off. With a high-quality pair, you can take them from the studio to the street to the sofa. The key is styling your yoga pants with adaptable, versatile tops, sweaters, and jackets. You can coordinate an outfit that works just as well in downward dog as it does at brunch.


Whichever yoga style you practice, let your personality dictate your choices. Shorts, capris, pants? Long-sleeved, short-sleeved, tank? You can never really make a mistake. The prints, patterns, and solids you pick are as unique to you as your practice – so let your inner light shine!

Shop our line of yoga apparel today.