Our Courageous Customers and Coworkers

For our courageous family members, friends, co-workers, and customers impacted by this disease, we proudly support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation’s mission to advance the world’s most promising research to end breast cancer.

 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with Breast Cancer in their lifetime, and chances are you know someone who has been affected. This month, we are sharing the stories of our incredible coworkers and customers to show why supporting BCRF is close to our hearts.


Design Director Romina Heighes and her mom Eni,
a 15-year breast cancer survivor

“When my oncologist told me, it wasn’t a shock. The difficult part was telling my kids, who were teenagers at the time. It was very emotional, but my family was so supportive. Romina was the best person to have by my side. She was always so aware of my medicine and checking in that the nurses were taking good care of me. She was always and informed, but best of all, always brought positive vibes.

Since that experience, I have focused on appreciating the present moment more and trying to stop being on the run 24/7. I have also been able to support many other women who have been diagnosed after me to encourage them and help them make the difficult decisions that come with a breast cancer diagnosis.” -Eni


Project Manager, Lolo Forsberg

“It is the worst news that you can get, learning that your mother has cancer.

My sister and her family had come from Sweden to visit me in Miami to celebrate Christmas, and as soon as she arrived, she told me the bad news. They had found a lump in my mom’s breast, and it needed to be investigated further.

 Being far away and not being able to be there for her during these first visits was very hard. By the urgency the doctors acted we knew that it was pretty serious. They did a biopsy immediately and scheduled her for mastectomy just a couple of weeks later.

 With only phone contact, it is hard to to be supportive, but it is all you can do is send all your love and support in those calls. My mom is a very strong and stubborn person, and even if she was scared or sad, she never showed it to anyone. Even when I could not hold it together in our phone calls, she was the one comforting me telling me she would be fine! She is my hero.

 After the surgery, my sister was able to be there for her through her recovery, and I was able to send care packages, flowers, and call her for good, long talks.  It made me realize that any disagreements and differences we had in the past were so insignificant, and we put it all behind us. To just make the most of the time we have together is now our mantra.

 My mother is now in remission; she is healthy and strong at 82-years-old. I am looking forward to going home this Christmas and hope to make the most of every minute together.”

From now until October 31st, 12% of sales from our limited-edition Breast Cancer Awareness Shop will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.