Luxury for Life: The Tail Activewear Guarantee

Quality matters, and ours is unmatched. That's why our products are backed by a lifetime warranty. It's our promise to you that you can rely on Tail Activewear golf and tennis apparel as an investment in your wardrobe that you can enjoy for years to come.

Tail Activewear proudly stands behind our products, and we offer a lifetime warranty on all that we create. Should mistakes regarding materials or manufacturing be detected, we promise to replace your product with another of equal or greater value.

Quality Assurance
Tail Activewear is committed to sourcing top fabrics and using reliable manufacturing processes, guaranteeing products with a great fit that will hold their shape and color for years to come. Our lifetime warranty demonstrates our commitment to craftsmanship and quality, and ultimately, your satisfaction.

Long-Term Value
Tail Activewear’s clothing won't fray or wrinkle. As long as you follow the care instructions, our fabrics are designed to look new wash after wash. We recommend washing your Tail Activewear apparel in cold water with like colors, and tumble drying on low. If there are any wrinkles, you should be able to release them with a gentle steamer.

Brand Loyalty
Our goal and commitment is to foster a strong relationship with you, our customer. You can trust that each piece you purchase will be of the same quality that you have come to love and depend on from us.

Peace of Mind
Most importantly, a lifetime warranty provides you with peace of mind about your investment in Tail Activewear active apparel. You won't have to worry about potential defects or malfunctions or stress about unexpected expenses for repairs or replacements, allowing you to fully enjoy your Tail Activewear purchase without worry.

Our lifetime warranty represents a commitment to quality and your satisfaction. If you have a product that has failed, then please reach out to our Customer Service department by phone at 888.906.1341 or by email at